About Us
JustLei is an amazing party/event decoration company that specializes in unique tabletop placements and décor that will give your party/event the flair of sophistication and elegance you long for!  Not only can you pick a theme that’s right for occasion, but you can also customize and personalize it to make your special day momentous. 
JustLei incorporates affordable and inexpensive pieces with timeless ones that will give your give your party/event a chic yet beautiful look at an affordable price.  The affordability comes from the ability to rent or make certain items while others are bought.  You decide exactly what is rented, made and/or bought during your final design consultation with us.    
I guess you could say I started this company in 2006, when my first child, Justin, has his first Birthday party.  I wanted him to have a carnival party and after finding nothing that met my creative vision in the stores, I took it upon myself to create and decorate everything.  I haven’t looked back since and have been putting my creative twist to work for others.   
If you have a party/event that you would like to take to the next level of ornateness, please feel out the form in the “Contact Us” section or feel free to contact me directly.   Let's get your party started now!!! 
Alanna L. Begg
Making Creativity Equal Chic
Phone: 832-283-5070
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